Certificates indicate responsible operations and quality goods

Kuusisto Group is committed to complying with the PEFC ST 2002: 2013 standard for the chain of custody and the PEFC ST 2001: 2008 standard for the PEFC logo. The PEFC-certificate is a guarantee of a sustainable and responsible chain of custody procedure. The Kuusisto Group’s PEFC label number is PEFC/02-31-225. Kuusisto Group has the right to use the PEFC-certificate logo for our by-products, sawn timber, and other wood products for outdoor use made from redwood (Pinus sylvestris) or whitewood (Picea abies).

In addition to the PEFC-certificate, our impregnated redwood products are NTR certified. NTR-certificate indicates that we fulfil Nordic standards in our impregnation process as well as meet the Nordic criteria for quality.

The quality of our products, the origin of the raw materials, and the impregnation process are controlled by Finotrol Oy.